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ProjectMan Elite

What is ProjectMan Elite?

This is my top-level program. Its a 3 month package and you can either graduate from PROJECT 90 or complete an application to come straight into Elite. PROJECT 90 is very much about the physical, losing weight, toning up and getting fit.


In ProjectMan elite you work with me on a 1:1 basis we look at mindset and planning.

If you have a big goal or want to train for something specific having a tailored nutrition and training plan will be key. 

-You might have health markers that need urgently improving.

-You might want to train for a marathon/triathlon.

-You might want to be photo shoot ready for an event.

-You are a busy entrepreneur and want to maximise your physical and mental performance.


Joined Projectman in January 2021 lost three stone inside PROJECT 90. Joined Elite in April 2022 lost a further two stone and completed a triathlon. 

Hugh Fitzmaurice


Simon joined the PROJECT 90 in May 2021 focused on the at home training. Had never been in a gym before so that was the focus when he started in Elite. The goal was to get in the shape of his life. Safe to say he succeeded. 



In ProjectMan Elite you will have targets, you will have focus and you will have accountability. If you want to look good naked, have a positive affect on the people around you and transform the way you think and operate. ProjectMan Elite is for you. 

Whats included: 

training program

A tailored training program for gym or home that is designed specifically to you and your goals. 

Weekly check in's to ensure progress is maximised.

 Each week your progress is reviewed to ensure you are moving in the right direction.

1:1 Zoom access

Access to me via Zoom and Voxer to keep you accountable & to ensure that you haven't hit any roadblocks!

Full nutrition support and accountability

You will be held accountable during this program ensuring you are fueling your body correctly. Nutrition is the competitive advantage everyone is leaving on the table.


Apply here and book a call

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