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Project 90

Who exactly is Project 90 for?

Project 90 is a male only 90 day course. Its for men young and old. I am currently working with men from 24 years of up to 68 years of age. Whether you want to lose weight or work on performance in sports, what you're eating is key. I will show you how to lose weight, how to perform better and how to build muscle. 


Will you show me
what to eat?

Yes I will and this is not all chicken and broccoli, if you want a beer or some chocolate you can have it and still get results. That's the beauty of tracking calories, no foods are off the table. This is life changing, trust me. Every item of food has a calorific value and once you know your numbers everything changes.

Is there online training?

Yes I have exercise and mobility classes for you to do in your own time on your schedule, no equipment needed but if you have some great, and don't worry if you are not ready for the classes or you're injured, if you focus solely on your food and walking you still get great results. 

Is this a group program? 

Yes everyone starts at the same time but there are no group calls where you have to speak or you putting up half naked pictures of yourself in front of 20 other guys. If there is a group call I do all the talking you guys just listen. I start everyone together and communicate ideas and next steps to the group purely for convenience. You can be as active or as private as you like in the group. Your weekly check in with me is on an individual basis. Nobody sees that information only you and me. 

How do you keep me accountable?

You log everything into the app and I can see exactly what you are eating, this is so I can keep you accountable but also so I can advise and help you. You log your weight in the app regularly and with your weekly check in, if you go missing - I come looking!  


Whats the cost?

The investment is €499+ vat, thats €42 per week or €6.00 per day. The price of a sandwich. Right now I bet you are pissing away money on lunches out and takeaways a few nights a week. When you finish this 12 week course, I bet you save €499 in food alone, never mind the fact you will feel amazing and be over two if not three stone lighter. Tell you what if you don't think you saved €499 at the end i,ll give you your money back. 

I am feeling nervous what if i doesn't work for me and I look stupid?

I genuinely hope you do feel some nerves. All that means is that this is important to you and you care, if you didn't feel any nerves or any apprehension I would be suspect as to why you are actually signing up to do this? So Nerves are good mate. Really good.


I heard about ProjectMan through a friend who had completed a very successful 8 week program last year. It was early in the New Year and I weighed myself and was 100kg. It was the heaviest I’d ever felt after a Christmas of over indulgence. 

So I took the plunge and signed up for ProjectMan and so it began. Weighing in each morning, scanning barcodes, hitting exercise goals and getting the steps in. I was amazed at the calories that were in some foods I’d previously eaten regularly and didn’t have much protein content so they had to be quickly removed from the diet plan. I soon learned what were the best foods for protein and would still leave me feeling content and not looking for that evening intake of sugar. I reduced down the alcohol intake but was delighted to know I could still have a few beers each week and once I was sticking to the plan the weight was still coming down. Over a 12 week period I’ve lost 3 stone and have genuinely never felt better than when I was in my mid 20s. I have gained a new life skill and would say to anyone thinking of signing up to go for it and go all in and you’ll reap the rewards. 


19kg weight loss


What clients have said

We let our results speak for themselves when it comes to what others have said about Project man, be sure to take a peak and see if the results are previous clients have seen would be something that would be life changing for you!! 


When I first started I found tracking my food was less of a pain in the arse than I thought . With all the help requested from Tiernan it just seemed to be normal life and will be for many years to come. Me being a lorry driver and hating exercise I thought this would be difficult to keep up but with all the support and guidance provided it hasn't been as hard as I expected.


When you consider that I’m still not a fan of exercise the project really works . I could maybe do 2 push up's when I started I can now do 60. Then the buzz of people commenting on my weight loss is brilliant. The fact that I don’t need to use the cpap machine and I’m sleeping a lot better . Carmels says my snoring has also reduced a lot .


I couldn’t recommend project man highly enough. Anyone who know will tell you your not going to see me running the roads and look at what I’ve achieved and continue to achieve with Tiernan’s workouts , walking with the family, the sky is the limit.

John Kinsella 

20kg weight loss


"Ordinary blokes just like you, getting extridonary results with ProjectMan"

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