8 week Mansformation
Investment €299

We kick off May 10th spaces are limited.

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Project man is an air-tight bubble of progression, this is why I have sign up dates and end dates. It's important we work  as a unit at the same time, on the same mission, going in the same direction. Our main focus for the 8 weeks is losing body fat and getting as fit as possible. While we are together we will also look at other areas of life to provide motivation. My mission is to give you as much value as I can during the 8 weeks. I will bring in Guest speakers to host on a range of topics from mindset, motivation, finance to name but a few. 

Project man is essentially a collective of individuals being held accountable to a higher standard. It is no rocket science. But I will teach you the basics that work so well it will blow your mind. When we add up each lesson and each new habit day after day for 8 weeks, greatness happens. 

What will you get ?

Return on investment.png

A return on your investment

Daily accountability with food.png

Daily accountability 
with food & movement to keep you on track everything housed in our very own app.

weekly live ques - ans.png

Weekly live Q / A

Full Nutritional Support.png

Full Nutritional Support
 (Calorie goal specific to you adjusted weekly)

easy to cook simpe recepie book.png

Easy to cook
(Simple Receipe book)

3 Live Home workout per Week.png

Gym Program

Home workout program

Live workouts

Mobility sessions