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Train at ProjectMan HQ

Show me your habits, I,ll show you you're future

  • Strength

  • Conditioning 

  • Mobility 

  • Nutrition



  • Morning, lunchtime and evening classes to choose from.

  • Open gym options.

  • Conditioning sessions.

  • Mobility/yoga sessions.

  • Nutrition coaching-we work on what you are eating from the very beginning and throughout your journey.

  • Weekly accountability check-ins.

  • Coffee and chats included.

€165 per month 

Contact me on 0871481901 or email 


This group training membership is for men who;

  • Want to turn back the clock and get serious about their health and fitness.

  • Its for men who are happy to train in a group with men young and not so young.

  • You are experienced at training but have lost your way. You need some accountability and focus again.

  • You are brand new to a gym environment and want to learn how its done.

  • You want to feel whats its like to train right and eat right at the same time.

Contact me on 0871481901 or email


1:1 coaching



  • A private gym.

  • 1;1 strength and conditioning sessions.

  • 1:1 nutrition consultations.

  • 1:1 mindset coaching

  • A personalised plan for when you are not in the gym.

  • Daily accountability.

  • 1;1 coaching is open to male and females.



€699 per month 

x3 1-on-1 sessions per week, 

Full access to any group classes.

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Time To Act

At this point you are probably wondering what to do next?

Send me a message on 0871481901 or and ask me for more information.


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