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Rory Dublin 14
18kg weight loss
116kg to 98kg
I am 42 and for the last 15+ years I have weighed between 113 and 125 Kgs. At 191CM I knew I was overweight but I wasn’t a blob and actively losing weight always seemed difficult and complicated, requiring a level of willpower I know I don’t have.
I signed up to the program on a bet with a friend, and my goal for this program was modest “Be able to stand up from a chair without grunting, walk my kids to school without sweating so much I need to change tops”. I succeeded in that, and went quite a bit further.
After 8 Weeks with Coach Tiernan and ProjectMan, no special equipment, no special food, no back breaking workout regime, just awareness and 1:1 coaching advice, I blew past that goal and then some,

* Body Fat from 30.2% to 22.2% , BMI 32% to 26.5%
* I went from 116kg in September to *97.4kg*, in December(circa 18.5Kg/2.9 Stone Loss).
* I went from daily Joint and Back Pain to no pain. From Snoring like a Fog Horn through the night, to restful, silent sleep. From persistent tiredness to lots of energy, and from being out of breath and sweaty walking the 800M to the shop to it being no effort.

It was a genuinely a life expanding and hopefully extending experience, and I am now equipped with the simple tools to keep the weight off.
I can’t thank or recommend the program and the coach enough.
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