You are 90 days away from being a new man.

If you're a man who wants to a shed a load of weight without having to eat chicken and broccoli all week and without bursting your hole in the gym for the sake of it.  If you're a man thats wants to achieve sustainable results that last a lifetime while still having a beer
and eating some of the foods you like.

Then this is for you.

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Its not your fault but you do have the power to change, let me explain.

• We're surrounded by quick convenient food, we are grabbing stuff on the go and it’s simply too many calories for what you need and now you’re staring down the barrel of being 2-4 stone overweight.

• Its not all your fault - that’s the good news, these big food companies need to make their stuff taste amazing and they do whatever it takes to do that. BUT unfortunately that means packing them full of calories and running mega marketing campaigns.

• The mistake you’re making is that your eating mindlessly - you are not sure how many calories is in the stuff you’re eating. You’re just guessing and it’s a pain in the hole, I get it!

• You’re grabbing food on the go, you have no plan and you know the current trajectory you’re on is not a good one. You have tried running, you have tried giving up bread. You might get into a good routine for a few weeks but then it stops
and you’re sick of the cycle. I know, because I’ve been there.


"I always had to do that thing where I'd pull my shirt out when I sat down"

Like I said I have been there I was the guy buying protein powder and going to the gym for a month expecting to see results instantly. I paid no attention to portion sizes. I just ate whatever was in the packet and wondered why I had a belly? I felt uncomfortable in my clothes I always had to do that thing where I pull my shirt out when I sit down. Going on holidays was meant to be enjoyable but I felt like a bit of a tool with my top off. It was not a nice feeling. My confidence was in the toilet.

But then after years of pricking about I finally educated myself on calories and energy balance. I am not saying you need to do a college course, I literally just mean being able to read a food label and understand portions sizes. Once you know this stuff it’s a game changer, believe me!

Once I teach you this stuff the future will look very different, you will be in control of your diet, you will be in control of your results. You will know exactly what the next 90 days will look like and the results will show up everyday. This will motivate the hell out of you and you wont be able to stop, you will be feeling that good.

Why Trust Me?

Why the hell should you listen to me, let alone trust me? I get it, there is a lot of charlatans out there selling the dream and promising quick results but what I am selling is long term sustainable results and a real education around fat loss and
muscle gain. ProjectMan is a promise of no bullshit, just hard work and real results!

Have a look on my social media, look at the men on the success stories on this website. These guys all had the same doubts you do, but they took action, they booked a call and simply haven’t looked back. I have worked with hundreds of men at the stage and can confidently call myself an expert in the male fitness space.

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Lets tackle your doubts and reservations!

Maybe you're busy and worried you wont have time, well here’s the thing you have time to eat and that my friend is where all the magic happens. No matter what your goals are food is the number one priority. I will show you how to save time with simple
planning and buying the appropriate foods for a man on the go.

Maybe you are worried about the cost? What if I told you after 90 days you will actually save your investment? Yep. Right now I guarantee you are wasting away money on food. If after 90 days you don’t think you saved your investment in food purchases I will refund you every penny. This is a guarantee.


Maybe you have tried something like this before but didn’t have enough accountability or support? You have daily access to me, with weekly check in’s and fortnightly 1-1 zoom calls. I am there with you every step of the way.

Maybe you are very nervous and maybe even afraid it won’t work for you and you will look stupid? To be honest if you don’t feel any nerves or apprehension that would worry me. If you’re nervous, it just means it is important to you and that’s the key. It means the desire needed to take the necessary action is already there. Lets use that.

What do you get?

Full nutritional support, so you are never wondering what to eat. Complete training plan, so you know exactly what you’re doing and when you’re doing it. 1:1 access to me so you are never stuck or feeling lost. Air tight accountability to ensure you stay on track with daily and weekly check in’s.

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My Promise

ProjectMan is the last weight loss plan you will ever need. After these next 90 days
you will be looking at yourself in a very different way as will everybody else. It’s
time to take action.

I only take on 8 new clients every month so don’t wait, if you are motivated right
now it is time to keep taking action.

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Time To Act

The next thing that needs to  happen is we need to get on a call. Just below this
you can see where it says “Apply for coaching” answer a few questions and pick a time that suits you.  
Let’s get the ball rolling. Your healthier, fitter, leaner you is just 90 days away.

On the call there will be no pressure, I am not going to try and be some sales guru and sell you the program. It will be very clear whether it’s the right fit for you after
we chat. At the end of the call you will be proceeding with ProjectMan or leave with some free advise about what I suggest might work better for you. Fill in the application form and book a call today.

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